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-All week night games begin at 6pm.

-Saturday games are played at 9am and 12pm.

-Any and all changes must be approved by the appropriate division coordinator and require 48 hours notice.  Make up games will be scheduled on Sundays if necessary.


-All games will consist of 6 innings. Extra innings will be played in the event of a tie after 6 complete innings.

-A game will be considered complete after 4 full innings.

-If a game is stopped before 4 complete innings, (or before it is considered a complete game), the game will resume from the point of stoppage when it is rescheduled. If the game is stopped after 4 & ½ innings and the home team is leading it will be consider a complete game.  If the home team is losing, and has not yet recorded 3 outs while batting in the 4th, or if the score is tied, it will resume from that point when rescheduled.  The umpire will record all information (the umpire and both coaches should make sure they have the identical information needed).  Exception: If the game is a playoff game.

– All playoffs games will last 6 innings unless there is a tie in which case complete extra innings must be played until one team has scored more runs by the end of the extra inning.

Mercy Rule– Winning team ahead by 25 runs after 4 innings. Game is official.

Time Limit– Two hours. No inning shall start after 2 hours from the start of the game.

Field Practice– There is no batting practice on the field within ½ hour of the game.  Visitors get the field for 15 minutes one half hour before the game.  Home team receives the field the last 15 minutes prior to the game.


-All teams will play 11 players in the field, with 6 players in the infield and 5 in the outfield.

-A team can play with 8 players if they are short.  If the 11th player or any subsequent player arrives, they will bat last in the lineup.

-In the event a team cannot field 11, substitute players can be temporarily assigned from the division below.  A coach will be given 15 minutes to acquire players.  If they cannot field 8 players before their inning in the field starts, that team will forfeit the game.

-In the event that substitutes play, they can only play when the team is unable to field 10. The substitute(s) are required to play in the outfield and bat last in the lineup.  Substitutes must be SBBA players from the Tee Ball division.


-The offensive coach will feed the pitching machine, or designate an adult to pitch to their team.

-All batters will be given 7 pitches to hit.  If the batter does not make contact on the 7th pitch, he will be ruled out.  If the batter fouls off the 7th pitch, he will be given subsequent pitches until either the ball is put in play, caught in foul territory, or the hitter makes no contact with the ball.

-The pitching coach should make no attempt to interfere with the batted ball or any defensive player’s attempt to play the ball but, instead should make every possible effort to get out of the way.  If, in the umpire’s judgment, the coach deliberately interferes with the play, the batter will be ruled out and the play will be ruled dead.

-Should the ball inadvertently hit the pitching coach, umpire, or pitching machine the ball is STILL IN PLAY.

-In the event the umpire determines that the pitching machine has “misfired”, the umpire will rule no pitch and the batter will be awarded another pitch.


-South Buffalo Baseball Assn. uses a “Continuous Batting Order”.  Coaches will allow every player present for the game to bat and each player will play at least 2 innings in the field.

-In the event that a batter is injured while at bat, the next batter in the order takes his/her place and assumes the previous batters count (game continues).  If a player is unable to continue the game, the next time he/she is scheduled to bat, the team will simply skip over said player without penalty, and continue the game (this rule also applies to players forced to leave due to family emergencies, etc.).  In the event the batting order is reduced to 8 players then the ninth spot is considered an automatic out.

-In the event that a player is injured while running, the last out recorded by that team may be used to substitute for the injured base runner.

-Teams will only be allowed to bat through their once or for three outs (whichever comes first).

-Bunting is not allowed.

-There is no infield fly rule.

-There are no bases awarded for batters being hit by a pitch.

-Home plate and the foul lines are fair territory.  If a batted ball hits either one and stays fair, it is ruled a fair ball.

-Home plate or any base cannot be blocked without control of the ball.  This is obstruction.

-No runner will be allowed to run into another player.  They must either slide, go back to the base from which they came, or give themselves up for an out.  A player who violates this rule will be called out and if, in the umpire’s judgment, it was intentional, the player will be ejected from the game.

-A warning will be issued for the first time a player throws a bat.  Subsequent violations will result in the batter being ruled out.

-No pitch will be ruled in the event of catcher’s interference and the batter will be awarded 1st base.

-A ball hit to the outfield will be ruled a “Dead Ball” once the baseball has been returned to the infield.  Once “dead”, any runners (except the base runner to first) less than half way to the next base, will be sent back to the previous base.  If further than half way, the runner will be sent forward to the next base.  A “dead ball” is determined by the umpire.  If the player in the infield fields the ball and attempts to make a play prior to the umpire calling “dead ball”, the play will continue.  Once the umpire calls “dead ball” the play stops.

-There is no advancement of runners on overthrows.  Overthrows will be treated as a “dead ball” (see above).

-The “stealing” of bases is not allowed.

-“Lead offs” are not allowed.

-The last recorded out may be used as a pinch runner in the event of injury OR for the catcher.


-No metal spikes are allowed.

-The player fielding the position of pitcher must wear a helmet.

-Bats with a barrel width of 2 ¼ or less are allowed.  There is no length to weight-drop ratio restriction.


-The head Coach is the only person able to file a protest.  The protest must be filed at the time of the perceived infraction. Judgment calls are not grounds for protest.   Only rule violations are. The head coach must ask the umpire for time out and notify the home plate umpire that he/she is filing a protest of the play just finished.  The home plate umpire will note on both home and visitors scorebook the point of the protest (batter’s count, outs, innings, score, remaining time in the game, position of the base runners prior to the play that just resulted in the protest) and will require both coaches and all umpires to sign the scorebook.  Play will then resume.

In the event that the umpire refuses to acknowledge the protest then the Board Member in charge must be notified immediately.  That Board Member will then document the point of the protest (batter’s count, outs, innings, score, remaining time in the game, position of the base runners prior to the play that just resulted in the protest) and report to the rest of the Board, by phone, email or in person. The Board will then decide if there is ground for a protest. If they decide there is they will contact both teams involved.

The head Coach filing the protest must provide the Division Coordinator a written protest describing the basis for the protest within 48 hours of the end of the game being protested.  It will then be reviewed by the South Buffalo Baseball Assn. Board for a ruling.

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