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Shaping todays players into tomorrows leaders….

Welcome to the South Buffalo Baseball Association

Tonight’s (7/28) games and practices are postponed due to rain and wet fields.

South Buffalo Baseball Day at the Buffalo Bisons is August 13. You can pick up your tickets at the Okell concession through, Sunday, August 3 (during evenings when games or practices are being played). Arrangements can be made by calling Jim Neenan (491-7409)

Buffalo Cup tryouts schedule
10 and Under – Saturday, July 26 – 9 a.m. – Rite Aid Diamond
12 and Under – Saturday, July 26 – 1 p.m. – Rite Aid Diamond

7U and 8U are being selected based on coaches referrals by Monday, July 28.

Practices for Buffalo Cup team swill be held Monday, July 28-Thursday, July 31.

All Buffalo Cup Players must be available all day, Saturday, Aug., 2 and Sun., Aug. 3 to be considered for their respective teams.

Please note, all the diamonds are scheduled, with the exception of late Saturday afternoons and Sundays. To reserve a field for practice, call Jim Neenan at 491-7409.

At this point, all divisions are full, and we are no longer accepting applications for any age group. If you have questions, please contact call Jim Neenan at 491-7409.


Coach Pitch Boys

Coach Pitch Girls

Junior Boys

Senior Boys 1

Senior Boys 2

Picture day is June 21 at St. Agatha’s Check with your coach for your scheduled time
Picnic with the Bisons at Coca Cola Field is Wednesday, August 13 at 5:30 p.m. – game time is 7:05 p.m.


Be sure to like our Facebook page for updates as well.




Make sure to continually check the “League News” page to keep up to date on any and all upcoming events (including on/off season baseball/softball clinics and other important information.  Also, please visit our sponsor page and let them know how their donations have helped us to become a better community….Now take me out to the ball game!!!!


As South Buffalo Baseball Association strives to improve each and every year, we are proud to bring Online Registration to our site.  It  will be up and running for the 2012 season soon. We can now accept most major credit cards, Paypal, E-Checks, as well as bank transfers!!!  If you have ANY trouble please notify us immediately so that we may correct the situation asap!!  You may still register in person if you perfer.  The dates and times of the in person registrations can be found on the “Registration Info” page.


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42 Replies

  1. Kevin Savage May 9th 2007

    Great job on the website.Thank you for all your hard work and effort to keeping the kids in south buffalo busy and active.Good luck in the future!!!!

  2. Mary Pat May 19th 2007

    Web site is a great idea! Love the pictures of the kids!

  3. Joe Sullivan May 25th 2007

    It’s great to see Jerry Isch step up to the plate, and volunteer his precious time to become PRESIDENT of SBBA….South Buffalo Welcomes You Jerry…..

  4. Mike Schneider May 30th 2007

    Nice work on the website, but you should have a section with the UMPIRES pictures and names!!!!! lol. Well nice work on the page and we welcome Jerry Isch!

  5. jerry isch May 31st 2007

    great website!! i finally found it. personally i voted for shannon as president.
    jerry says one who creates website should be future president

  6. Micker May 31st 2007

    I think Jerry should be PRESIDENT for as long as his kids are in the league. LONG LIVE JERRY!!!!

  7. Mike Schneider Jun 4th 2007

    I should be on the board list “Mayor of the Field”!!! LOL

  8. Joe Sullivan Jun 5th 2007

    SBBA should rename okell playground to ” Isch’s Ballpark” It’s got my VOTE…go jerry….

  9. Mike Schneider Jun 5th 2007

    Mr. Isch has my vote on the playground being switched to “Isch’s Ballpark”!!!

  10. wilbur fulton Jun 5th 2007

    Just wanted to say thanks to all board members and committee people for your hard work, and many hours spent to keep this league running as well as it does !

  11. Mike Schneider Jun 8th 2007

    Come on Mr. Heywood you need to update our standing in senior two boys!!!!

  12. heaven Jun 8th 2007

    Mikes really wierd dont listen to him lol

  13. Player from the league Jun 16th 2007

    I love the website its really cool. I play in the senior boys 1 and we need some pictures and updated standings. but besides that the website is great.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ron roof Jun 19th 2007

    “Mr.Pres.”  &  “Isch Field” sound great!

  15. Parent of Player Jun 20th 2007

    The website is great. I like that there is another way of getting a hold of the people in charge if there’s no phone number available. On behalf of all the parents…Thanks.

  16. Generic Assistant Coach Jun 29th 2007

    I want to take this time to thank all the parents and fans who show support for all the teams from t-ball on up. We are here for the kids and sportsmanship should be #1, so remember it starts with us, the adults.

    One eco friendly reminder. Please have all members of your team(s) pick up the bottles, garbage,etc. We want to keep the park as nice as possible.

    As the playoffs approach remember to keep the teams focused but winning is not everything, enjoying yourself and teaching our youth to respect the game, the opponent and the UMP are very important.

    I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July. I’m out!!!

  17. wilbur fulton Jul 5th 2007

    With the season running so far into July, it’s getting difficult to field a full team anymore. How about next year, we use Cazenovia Park also ? With the proper pemits we should have no problem and wrap up the season much earlier.

  18. i like the website but it needs to update the standings faster. also junior league needs better umps

  19. Shannon Petrucci Jul 12th 2007

    I just want to thank all the board members for their hard work this year. I would like to encourage more parents to join the board or get involved in South Buffalo Baseball in some other way. We are all very busy in our everyday lives but your children will look up to you as someone who cares about your community by getting involved and keeping this league going well into the future. It is very rewarding knowing that because of our involvement , 500+ children were able to play ball this summer.

  20. i love the website. GO JERRY ISCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. wilbur fulton Jul 25th 2007

    Once again, I want to thank all the board and committee people for all your time and efforts. It was a very good season thanks to all of you . A great game was played for the Senior Boys I championship. Congratulations to our players, and congratulations to Tim Burke’s and Joe Danahy’s boys for their great effort in a game that could have gone either way. I think the parents in attendance certainly got their moneys worth at this game !

  22. dave brady Jul 26th 2007

    I would like to thank all the board members for the work and time that you put in.”THANK YOU”. Congrats to all division winners, great job. Coaches and parents I hope you enjoyed watching the kids play this year. There was alot of good baesball this year that i enjoyed being a part of. Thank you and see you next year.

  23. MIchale Schneider Aug 8th 2007


  24. Mike Schneider Aug 9th 2007

    These should be the rules next year for ejections!! Print them up and put them in the booklet!

    “You’re Gone!”

    Here are some of the things players and coaches can do that will almost guarantee an ejection:

    1. THROW ITEMS. Tossing a bat or helmet violently in obvious disagreement with an umpire’s decision should almost always result in an automatic ejection.

    2. SWEARING. The lower the level of baseball, the less tolerant you should be about language.

    3. ARGUE BALLS & STRIKES. If it’s loud or obvious enough, it’s automatic.

    4. THREATEN. “I’ll get you later” or similar threats should not be tolerated.

    5. CONTACT. Bumping or pushing an umpire, even slightly, should result in an immediate ejection.

    6. PERSONAL. Generally, at higher levels, a coach can disagree with your call and say it was “horse#&*!”, but if he calls YOU “horse#&*!” he’s gone.

    7. INTEGRITY. Any time a or coach insinuates you’re cheating, it’s showers for him.

    8. QUALIFICATIONS. Implying you’re nor qualified, during an argument, means the coach/player is done for the day.

    9. OFF TOPIC. Let the coach argue about the call that just occurred, but if he tries to go back to another argument earlier on, stop him right there.

    10. RULE BOOK. As soon as a coach crosses the foul line with a rule book in hand, intent to show you up, eject him.

    11. DRAWING LINE. Upset with your strike call, the batter draws a line in the dirt where he thought the pitch was. You eject him.

    12. WON’T LEAVE. Once you’ve told a coach/player the discussion is done and he still won’t leave, he’s looking for an ejection.

    13. MOTHER. A catch-all guideline. Anytime a player says or does something to you you wouldn’t want your mother to see or hear, consider ejecting the offender.

  25. Mike Schneider Aug 9th 2007

    Hey Blue!

    Umps have a hard job, I really must say.
    They Put up with a lot of abuse every single day.
    There are coaches who yell and players who curse.
    Have you ever heard this verse?
    “Coach, I’m warning you, you better not shout,
    or I just might have to kick you right out!”
    Then there are calls that could go either way,
    And both of the coaches had a lot say.
    “Oh come on Blue, what are you blind?
    To say she was safe you must have lost you mind!”
    “Umpire, How can you call that an out?
    You better rethink before I start to shout!”
    They put up with back talk from coaches and fans.
    Esspecially annoying ones coming from the stands.
    If the ump gets to a play a second too late,
    all the regular phrases are about a bad call which was made.
    “Hey Ump, would you like to borrow my glasses?”
    “Didn’t they teach you anything during umpire classes?”
    They get spit in their face and dirt on their shoes,
    all because of a call that one team didn’t like.
    So the next time an umpire makes a slightly unfair call.
    Think about what they go through, would You go through it all?

  26. anthony reyes Aug 22nd 2007

    Hey, you need to put the pictures up of the Senior Boys II playoff champs c’mon!!!!!

  27. Mike Schneider Aug 29th 2007

    Hey Mr. Heywood!! i see the site is coming along!! well all i care for that i see there is a spot for the MAIN umpire… lol well u have my email address keep me updated man!!

  28. jerry isch Sep 1st 2007

    I have been running into parents here and there, the talks were nice , some were apologetic. Just wish to remind parents that this is not the big leagues. Board members , coaches, umpires and others who help out, keep this league going. Without it our kids end up with idle time on there hands which lead to other things. At least thats the way I see it. Should there be changes? Yes. Are there changes being made? They are being discussed, and some maybe implemented. So relax and enjoy watching your children playing baseball. See you next summer!!!

  29. jerry isch Sep 1st 2007

    brandon z. ( Mr. Focused)

    I,m offering 2 ice creams and a nacho, if you sign a contract….

    See you next summer!!!!

  30. Mike get a life!

  31. dave brady Sep 10th 2007

    It’s come down to bribery to get kids to play for you jerry. I guess you can’t get people to by your book so you buy them out.Keep plugging away at that best seller, somebody may be dumb enough to buy it.

  32. Ricky Rick Sep 26th 2007

    Boys, boys, behave. If the Prez is bribing players on this public website, can you imagine what he is doing behind the scenes. His son Zach wants to defect and Jerry knows it. Zach knows “who” to listen to.  Jerry remember, we only hurt the ones we love. Who loves ya baby!!!

    To Dave Brady: GO WARRIORS and Cale Yarborough!!!

  33. Anonymous Apr 1st 2008

    I would like to send this comment to the board and especially the President Isch. I am disappointed that after the young men took a leadership role and put together a team, they were denied participation in the league.. The kids just want to play some ball, and the president can’t even them a favor… ah man.. re elect !!!!!!

  34. As I enter my 16th season as coach, I would like to thank Mr. Jerry Isch for stepping up to the plate once again as Mr.President. Not too many people can handle the job as president except for Jerry! So far this 2009 season,it looks like we are going to have another succesfull season,because of the wonderful volunteers in coaching and the board members. Also welcome back Joe Bona!!!See you all in the spring….

  35. The season was great!!! Long live Isch!!!

  36. Mike Schneider Jan 16th 2009

    Well i will be returning back to Okell for my 5th year!! Looking forward to another great season as usually. Can’t wait to receive my umpire duty for the 3rd year!! Welcome all new board members! Great to have you along. See everyone in the Spring. **Scott if you need anything you know how to contact me, can send me an e-mail.*** See all soon. =)

  37. JERRY I Jan 23rd 2009

    In response to anonymous, from April of 2008 there is absolutely no favoritism (this includes family).
    With that said, I hope we have another successful season and thank you to everyone who is putting there time and effort. PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Well, I hope everyone enjoys the new website. It was exciting to help out and I hope your season goes well.

  39. Mike Schneider May 7th 2009

    Well opening day is only a few days away, May 9th,2009!!!! We hope to see everyone come on out and enjoy such a beautiful day with the teams,coaches,board members, and other families for an opening day ceremony. We are looking forward to having another successful season. So hope to see everyone support opening day 2009!!!! Thanks and Good Luck to all TEAMS. :)

  40. RICHARD May 24th 2009

    Pictures need to be up-dated on photo page from 2009 season.

  41. Michael Schneider May 6th 2010

    The 2010 season is just days away. As we all get our teams together and practice to strive for the best. Hoping everyone will enjoy the 2010 season and what it might bring. Good Luck to everyone. Special thanks to the board members and parents for giving us another season here at SBBA. Hope to see everyone out there on May 8th,2010 to for the start of the season, and VERY GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!

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