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If you are interested in umpiring, please contact Jim Craver at 380-6336. Players who are registered to play on a South Buffalo Baseball team this season are eligible to umpire any division below the division they play in.

The rates for umpires are as follow:

T-Ball (1 hour game) – $7.00

Coach Pitch Boys (2 hour game) – $18.00

Coach Pitch Girls (2 hour game) – $18.00

Junior Boys (2 hour game) – $21.00

Senior Boys 1 (2 hour game) – $30.00

Umpires are responsible for the play of the game, and the rules associated with the game, and deciding if a game should be suspended due to rain and poor playing conditions. However, umpires do not make any decisions regarding the starting, or resumption of any game due to weather. Only members of the board (who are not involved in that specific game) are allowed to  start, or restart a game, after reviewing playing conditions.

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